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Group Programs

We offer two programs for youth who prefer to work in a group setting. These weekly group sessions generally take place at the East Community Center over the course of 8-12 weeks. With a maximum of 8 students, our trained, expert facilitators run these sessions after school for 60-90 minutes each week.

Study Skills Program

Our Study Skills program is offered to youth in grades 3 to 6, and is designed to teach individuals skills for academic success. Our facilitators use discussion, art and activities to teach topics such as test study habits, time management and among others, healthy coping mechanisms for stress. Our goal is to provide youth with tools that will carry them throughout their academic and professional careers.

Social Skills Program

Our Social Skills program is offered for youth from kindergarten to grade 6, and is designed to teach individuals skills for navigating everyday social situations effectively. Our facilitators use discussion, art and activities to teach such topics as communication and feelings, active listening and among others, conflict resolution. Our goal is to empower youth in fulfilling their full potential; first as children and then as contributing members of their communities.

Girls Empowerment Group

Pre-adolescent and adolescent girls face distinct challenges in the form of self-esteem and image; among many others. Uniquely for girls aged 11-15, this program aims to foster a foundation whereby girls grow to be secure and confident women. During this 12-week program, these girls will be introduced to such topics as healthy relationships, social media, self-esteem and advocacy and assertiveness.

Please note: the implementation of programs depends greatly on interest and registration, if you don’t tell us, we don’t know. Please contact us

Individual Mentoring

Available for ages 6-25, our 60 minute individualized sessions with a facilitator are flexible in frequency and schedule. Taking place at the Family Resource Center location, our goal in these sessions is to focus on the unique needs of the individual.

Individual sessions are ideal for those who prefer to work one-on-one with a facilitator and who want to learn and practice specific skills. These tailored sessions often utilize discussion, activities, arts, role play and simulation. Also, these sessions are beneficial for individuals who do not require learning all of the topics in any one program and those who have specific or additional requests.

“Growing up isn’t easy for the child and it’s not easy for the parent. We’re here to help both.”

            Carrie Goldberg – Executive Director Family Resource Center