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Services for Professionals

By request, the Family Resource Center provides individualized workshops at your organization. Strategies resources and useful tools on how to better communicate with youth affected by a variety of mental health issues.

Classroom Management and Educational Strategies

With ever changing work conditions and pedagogy, efficient time management is essential. These workshops for teachers focus on making the most of class time with students by providing tool, tips, and strategies on how to work effectively with youth who have mental health issues.

Professional Toolbox

These sessions will focus on effective communication strategies in the professional environment. Topics include time management, organization, non-verbal communication and how to be assertive in a group setting. The facilitator will work with the company and its’ employees to decide a plan of action and assist in its implementation with the aim of increasing productivity and overall staff satisfaction.

Community Services

These sessions are offered to various community organizations or other establishments who wish to better their understanding on mental health issues and youth.

For example, in our Summer Camp Workshop, the focus is to teach camp staff how to effectively work with campers affected by mental health issues. We do this by providing strategies, resources and useful tools for communication. The aim of this workshop is to heighten both the staff and the campers’ summer experience.

Need a specialized service for your company that doesn’t fall in one of these categories? Not a problem. Contact us at 514-685-5912.