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Model Body Acceptance

  • Avoid focusing on other women's appearances in front of your daughter
    • You don't want to give the impression that there are specific beauty standards that she has to follow.
  • Avoid focusing on other women's appearances in front of your daughter
    • You don't want to send the message that other people will only focus on her physical features. If she sees you noticing aspects of women’s appearance often, she may think the rest of the world will too.
  • Don't put your appearance down in front of your daughter.
    • Show her what self-respect and self-love looks like!
  • Avoid fixating out loud about calories and food intake
    • Avoid what is known as "morality of orality"- referring to yourself as "good" or "bad" based on what you eat. For example, "I was good today, I didn't eat carbs."

Start After School Activities From an Early Age!

  • Research shows girls who play on teams have a higher self-esteem:
    • Extracurricular activities such as soccer or dance class give girl's a sense of accomplishment because they see their skills progress.
  • Social and Academic Benefits:
    • Extracurricular activities may enhance your daughter's interpersonal skills as she will have more experience working with others.
  • Social and Academic Benefits:
    • Sports contributes to stronger academic achievement as it teaches the importance of time management and discipline.

Direct Your Praise Away From Appearance

We need to make a conscious effort to spend more time complimenting young girls on their character, skills, academic performance and what she can DO for the world as a pose to focusing compliments on her appearance. 

  • Challenge yourself to match every compliment towards her looks with at least two compliments about something non-appearance based. 
  • Encourage her to express herself in non-superficial ways:
    • Teenage girls in the process of identity formation, often use their appearance to tell the world who they are.
  • Encourage her to express herself in non-superficial ways:
    • If they learn they can express themselves in other ways, such as writing, art, music, drama, then they may become less concerned with their looks.

Foster a Firm Sense Of Self

It's understandable to instill your own values in your children and to encourage activities you believe are beneficial. However, it is also important to leave your daughter room to reflect on her own thoughts and feelings.  This allows her to get a better idea of the person she wants to be. When her values and behavior become consistent she will know what she stands for and take pride in who she is. As a result, this may increase her self-esteem and make her less likely to give into peer pressure.

  • Be open to new ideas! 
    • If you were planning on signing her up for piano lessons but she's interested in basketball, let her try! Experimenting with different activities helps people find their passion. 
  • Talk to your daughter about various topics, ask her opinions and listen.
    • Make her feel like her opinion and values matter. If she sees that you value her opinion she will begin to value them herself.
  • Talk to your daughter about various topics, ask her opinions and listen.
    • Talking to your daughter about topics such as politics and world issues is not only educational, but gives her a chance to reflect on her opinions.
  • Dads, don’t be a ‘White Knight’
    • When fathers treat their daughters like they are entirely helpless and delicate, the message is you have to look pretty so a man will sweep in and take care of you. Instead, teach her the tools she needs to be strong and independent. If there’s a skill that you would teach your son such as changing a tire, why not teach your daughter?