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S.N.A.P West Island/Ouest de L’Ile –  on GLOBAL Montreal
Family Resource Center, Projet Communautaire de Pierrefonds & The SPVM Station 3, have come together to introduce a new initiative to help highly delinquent kids: S.N.A.P (Stop Now And Plan)


Tackling Youth Mental Health Issues – on CBC The National
CBC The National visits the FRC office and Executive Director Carrie Goldberg weighs in on a $25M research project that is kickstarting the conversation on how we tackle youth mental health issues.


The Family Resource Center –  on CTV with Todd Van Der Heyden
Executive Director Carrie Goldberg talks about what the Family Resource Center does and why it is so important.


Funding from WICS
West Island Community Shares helps fund the Family Resource Center. They’ve been doing so for 5 years; every dollar makes a difference!


The Family Resource Center – on Partyline Talkshow K103.7FM Radio
Executive Director Carrie Goldberg talks about the Family Resource Center and the community need for services such as ours.


QPAT Teacher’s Convention – Fundamental Skills
Executive Director Carrie Goldberg presents at the Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers Convention (QPAT) & with member participation outlines the fundamental social skills we assume students learn. Sometimes, these skills need to be taught; that’s where the Family Resource Center comes in.


QPAT Teacher’s Convention – Detailed Steps to Learning
Participants were asked to describe, to an ‘alien’, the action required in the steps to make a sandwich.
This was an exercise used to showcase the amount of detail and steps ACTUALLY needed for a particular tasks, that when teaching, we take for granted and forget to mention.

Students all learn differently and more often than not, instructions, guidelines, and steps need to be explained explicitly – especially when first learning something.