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The Family Resource Center success stories!


From Parents:

I am so happy that the Family Resource Center exists. Knowing how much you made a difference for our family it is so nice to know that this center is there for other families in the community. Your center makes a difference in the community and I will recommend it to others.”

“In the social skills group, my son found understanding, tolerance, security, kindness, appreciation and love which brought back his self-esteem.”

“The change in Evan was amazing and a big part of that was the support we received as parents. For the first time we were given tools, and real solutions, to specific behaviors.” – Michelle

“I think Samuel loved coming to the group because it was a relaxed environment, the topics covered were directly related to his day-to-day life and he enjoyed both the instructors and the other group members.”

“I would like to express my deep appreciation for your Friendship & Feelings Program. My son has attended three terms. When he began, he was a shy, scared little boy. Now he is a boy who is excited at the prospect of meeting new ‘friends’. He is more self-confident and has begun to practice some of the strategies taught at the sessions.”

Parents benefit from coaching, conflict resolution tactics and most importantly myriad of questions related to their ADD child especially as they navigate through the maze of a learning disability. Imagine the panic when you receive a call from the school telling you that your child needs to be referred to a psychologist. This is the first in many hurdles a parent  endures; the Family Resource Center has helped us decode it all; behavior  and learning assessment coding, individualized educational plans, strategies for dealing with school professionals who are well-intentioned, but untrained and over-burdened, etc.”

 “Finding the Family Resource Center was the first ray of hope we had had for a long time. That hope came by the way we were treated, starting with the first phone call, setting up contracts with us, met with the whole family to help us understand what we were dealing with and how they can help Robert. It was clear from the beginning that this was a family affair, and that Robert was an adult and her work would be directly with him but she would also work with us to give us support and understanding, both of which was badly needed. One important element was the ability of Ms. Goldberg to recognize Rob’s ADHD behavior and use it as a teaching tool for us, as parents, who needed to learn about Robert’s disability and his way of dealing with it. Robert’s life has improved, he has a job and has kept in for a year, is coping better generally, sees his daughter every other week and continues to know that all he has to do is call the Family Resource Center who will always be there for him. We are tremendously grateful for the support we have received and continue to receive from The Family Resource Center when new issues arise.– Jeanne

From Professionals:

We are proud to be supported by the Centre de santé et de services sociaux de l’Ouest-de-l’Île.

“The Family Resource Center has developed and implemented specialized programs to teach children/adolescents the fundamental skills that promote academic and social success. Their social and study skill programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each child suffering from mental health issues and are offered in classroom settings, in small groups and on an individually basis. The Family Resource Center offers both parent support groups and skill building sessions to help make parenting easier and feel less isolated.” – Francine Giroux, B.Sc, M.Sc, Directrice Sant mentale, Dficience intellectuelle, CSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Ile

« Je tiens  vous dire que lves et moi-meme avons beaucoup benefici de ce programme. Le programme de Madame Goldberg a donc beaucoup favoris  la fois les lves et mes propres methodes d’enseignement. J’espre sincrement avoir encore une fois la chance de la citoyer dans ma salle de classe. »

I really appreciated the Study Skills program for my students as well as for myself. and I notice a big difference in the students as a group. They are more attentive and mature. I feel that I’m not repeating myself very much any more. As their listening skills improve, I am able to do more unstructured activities with them, since they are mostly kinesthetic learners! I have learned a great deal also about the needs of the class  the importance of being very explicit about setting goals, being organized, watching the time, making the plan then following it.” – Denise Candy

“The presenter was not rigid in her vision and was readily able to adapt and accommodate the program to the needs and learning styles of the students. The students were engaged and actively involved in their learning and learned useful strategies that they have continued to use to help them in being organized and studying for success. We were very pleased with the outcome and would welcome the program in our school again in subsequent years.”

“The Center has made itself available to us for professional workshops, follow-up consultations and advice for children experiencing difficulty in our camp.” – Ashley, CCS

“It is at this moment that I would like to thank you on behalf of our station, and the SPVM for your implication in the organization for this day. It goes without saying that your input and guidance was a key element in the success of this activity.”

We are proud to be supported by the City of Pierrefonds-Roxboro!

“The Pierrefonds-Roxboro borough is pleased to be in partnership with the Family Resource Center. We believe that this organization is essential for the families and children with special needs living in the Pierrefonds-Roxboro community.”

The SPVM – Service de la police de Montréal supports us…

“As commander of Station 3, I am pleased to support the Family Resource Center. This non-profit organization has been collaborating with our station over the years and recently was a crucial partner in our community reflection day held last May.

We support the following work that the Family Resource Center offers among others:

  • Social Skills Development is offered to children ages 5-25. Their interactive programs teach such skills as organization, friendship, time management, conflict resolution, decision making and group skills.
  • Study Skills offers an effective interactive program to teach participants how to organize, manage their time, study, do projects, take notes and do tests.
  • Individual and Family Counseling which enables families to discuss their concerns in a secure and confidential environment.

Noticeably, children to the 5-25 ages, suffering from learning disabilities and mental health problems, require specialized services and this organization offers services geared towards helping children overcome these disabilities thereby giving them the tools to interact with their peers instead being excluded and marginalized. Without such services many of these youth are at risk which may lead to criminal behavior.

Moreover, the organization also offers parenting skill and workshops aimed in helping parents’ in dealing with special needs children which is, to us, a well rounded approach to helping these youth at risk.

Our station is pleased to be in partnership with the Family Resource Center. We believe that this organization is essential for the families and children with special needs living in the Pierrefonds-Roxboro community.”

Michel Wilson


Poste du Quartier 3

Our programs are recommended by Redwood Country Day Camp!

“To Whom It May Concern:

The present letter is to recommend Carrie Goldberg’s summer workshops and seminars to any and all interested parties. For the last several years now, Carrie has been our resource person and guest speaker for our staff training meetings. In addition, she has made herself available to us for follow-up consultations and advice for particular children experiencing difficulty in our camp environment.

Carrie has been a very valuable person to have contact with since many times she has been able to provide us with very practical and efficient ways of dealing with children in immediate ways so as to resolve any situations requiring solutions.

Carrie relates very well to our staff and is always willing to meet at our convenience for further discussion and training. Her approach is very proactive and practical which is essential when working with children.

In sum, we highly recommend her summer workshops as they have been very helpful to us.”

Joetta Hausmann

Director, Redwood Day Camp